How it works?

Drive is unique. See how we support you all the way through your new car journey

The Drive Difference
Making Finding a New car easy

Backed by a team of the industry’s most reputable and experienced motoring journalists and over 1000 accredited dealers nation-wide, Drive is here to make finding the perfect new car easy, and to help you save big with the best deals around.

Trusted reviews

Honest reviews from Australia’s top motor journalists to help you decide on the right car.

Accredited dealers

Over 1000 accredited dealers across Australia offering the best deals on every make and model.

Concierge service

A team of experts dedicated to making your car buying journey easy – turn to us when you need support.

How the Drive journey works

Drive not only provides you with a trusted location to do all your new car research and compare your favourite vehicles, but with somewhere to find the best deals nationwide.

Finding the perfect car

Finding the perfect car

Drive provides Australian’s with in-depth reviews on every new car arriving in Oz, allowing you to find and compare the best ones for your family. And if you need some extra some support, just turn to our concierge team.

Getting the best deal

Getting the best deal

With over 1000 accredited dealers right across Australia we can help you find the best deal on every make and model new car available in Australia. Simply place an enquiry on a vehicle (or range of vehicles) and we’ll connect you with local, state-wide and national dealers.

Dedicated concierge team

Dedicated concierge team

Our team of concierge experts know cars, and we know good deals. Once you’ve enquired on a new car, we’re still here to help. Not sure if you’re getting the best deal? Give our concierge team a ring (1300 438 639) or email and we can hunt for a better offer.

Find your next new car with Drive today and enjoy support from the number one name in Australian motoring.

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